Group Coaching

Alone we are strong… Together we are stronger.

Group Health Coaching

You’re NOT alone…with support, you can find solutions. 

You’re NOT alone. And with support, you can find solutions. 

Group Coaching Benefits

Benefits of a Working in a Group

When you are struggling, do you feel 100 percent alone? I think we all have that mentality. But, in reality, we all struggle, many of us with the same things, just in different ways.

I see so many people that seem to be on the same path, feeling alone and thinking no one will understand or care enough to help, and often times, not even knowing how to ask for help.

But you’re NOT alone. And with support, you can find solutions. What worked for someone else may work for you. Or, talking with others might help bring clarity to a problem that many are also struggling to grasp.

What Does Group Coaching Look Like

In group coaching, you work with a small group of like-minded peers and create goals to better each participant’s own health.

As a group, we meet once every two weeks for open discussions on health. We’ll spend an hour talking and learning how to incorporate different solutions into our lifestyles.

Group sessions are a safe space. Our discussions are confidential and meaningful, as we learn and share from each other. It is about creating a healthy balance by creating new habits and supporting each other.

I currently offer group programs that meet every two weeks for 3 months, equaling 6 sessions and include open discussions on health topics, one-on-one focus, field trips to various locations such as local fitness centers and grocery stores, and access to resources.

Group Health Coaching

How Can I Help?

While I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian, or an expert on all things, I am trained in Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Coaching and in group facilitation. Working as a Holistic Health Coach, I understand the path that so many people seem to be on, feeling alone and unsure of the path ahead or how to ask for help. I had to be my own health advocate, and still play that role to myself.

Once I figured out that food and movement are medicine and applied that to my own life, I became a changed person, with my outlook on life, towards both myself and others changed! And once these changes started happening, I had more and more people coming to me, asking my secret. People came to me because I listened to them, being their go-to for advice, for encouraging people to try something new and get out of his/her comfort zone.

That’s how I made the decision to get trained to become a trained nutrition, health and wellness coach. Now, it is my desire to help other men and women going through similar struggles to set their own goals and find their way to health and happiness. I will be that person to support you to take that next step, take the time for you.

We cannot lead anyone farther than we have been ourselves.

~ John C. Maxwell

Just Be Kind Group Sessions

Group sessions are held at different local facilities such as grocery stores, parks, libraries, health care offices, etc. All sessions can be created for men, women and children.

Group Topics Include:

  • Incorporating Essential Oils into your everyday life
  • Detoxing your home
  • Breaking the Sugar Habit
  • Guide to Women/Men Health
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Importance of Healthy Movement
  • Grocery Store Mysteries Unlocked