Essential Oils

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doTERRA Essential Oils

Natural Healing and Eating is the Way to Live…

In addition to being a Holistic Health Coach, I am an Independent Wellness Advocate and Certified Essential Oils Specialist with doTERRA Essential Oils

Approximately 9 years ago, my family and I began to make the switch to incorporating more natural healing, treating, and acting as prevention to many common ailments we encounter in our daily lives.  As we learned more about how toxic our medicines and foods were becoming, we wanted a more natural way to manage and support our bodies and earth.  Little did we realize how cost-effective it would become!

We wanted our bodies to get back to being more natural beings, living the ways of our ancestors, using foods, herbs, and plants to treat what affects us negatively.  But, yet, the more we used the oils, the more we realized that using Essential Oils daily helps with prevention and moods, adding flavor to our cooking and giving more power to everyday cleaning and disinfecting.  The use of Essential Oils has become second nature.

The more we learned, the more we realized that natural healing and eating were the ways we wanted to live.

Individual or Group Sample Sessions

Sampling the benefits of Essential Oils has never been easier!

Learn how to add Essential Oils into your daily routine, for optimal health benefits.

  • Try samples of doTERRA Essential Oils;
  • Learn ways to incorporate into daily lifestyle;
  • Take home basic started pack
  • Handouts and Resources available