Keeping the New Year’s Resolutions Throughout the Year

We have created our New Year’s Resolutions for 2021. But, how do we make the stick? Asking yourself “why” we need the change and digging deeper helps us understand why we need to do this. Creating the timeline and list of pro and cons to prepare us for change. Celebrating the small wins and learning from our mistakes help keep us accountable and moving forward. We can and will make 2021 our year!

High Maintenance? Who, Me? Nope!

We keep hearing that being “high maintenance” is a bad thing. But, is it really? Taking pride in how we look or what we want shouldn’t be judged. It is what makes us feel better about ourselves. Especially now, in this “new normalcy” that we have to live in. Taking a little extra time to make ourselves feel better, be it getting nails done or doing our hair and make up daily, or just wanting something an extra special for ourselves. Maybe we should be calling it “self-care” instead.